Why I Loved The Movie “Social Network”

Since the Starz network apparently has nothing else to show, I have seen The Social Network two and a half times in as many days.  Although, I guess one could argue that since I have 22 other movie channels I should move on.  But at the risk of starting to look a little too inward I shall digress.  Since you are reading this site, I think it is safe to assume you have heard of the movie, but just in case you haven’t, it is the very loose version of how Facebook was started.

As I was in the middle of it the second time around I figured out why I like the movie so much.  Justin Timberlake.  It isn’t the outcome that drags me into the movie.  It isn’t the fact that it created the youngest billionaire in the world.  While I think it was cool how they decided to tell the story (through depositions) it isn’t that either.

Creating “Something” With Friends

When you boil down the movie, it is the peek into how a couple of buddies created something awesome over a few beers.  How is that not inspiring?

I am probably not alone in this sentiment, but as long as I can remember drinking I remember having business-type conversations with friends.  Actually, the first serious one I can think of was with one of my co-founders on the site, Josh.  He and I came up with a way to shift the costs of parties on to those that arrived (door charge) rather than ourselves…we used friends as free muscle…all in all everyone would have fun and we usually turned a profit. Interestingly, if we are going to talk pure numbers my other co-founder, Jonathan, would win.

I don’t think many people can achieve the balance needed to work with buddies, but I think it is a fantastic goal to at least attempt once in your life.

Scratch this whole post – maybe it was just my favorite scene:

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